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Claire Chell - Creative Colour Director

Colour Excites Claire!

Claire is a hugely motivated individual and as Creative Colour Director and Creative Team Member for the Francesco Group, get's to express herself through the fabulous medium of colour everyday. She began hairdressing 13 years ago as a Saturday girl in the Francesco Group Uttoxeter salon and it wasn’t long before she began specialising in colour. Claire adores that moment of transformation when you can finally show a client or model the finished look and see their positive reaction.

Anya Dellicompagni - Francesco Group Director of Hairdressing

Claire Chell - Backstage at her collection shoot.

As a focused colourist Claire took the Uttoxeter salon from a rating of 20th in the Group for colour percentage to first, three years running.

Claire Chell

Claire Chell at the WELLA Colour Club

She now teaches work based learners, private students and staff full time at the dedicated Francesco Group Academy and works with Director of Hairdressing Anya Dellicompagni on shoots and shows. Her work is seen in the consumer and trade press around the globe and her constant involvement with Wella means that she contributes her skills to the communication of colour throughout the UK.

Claire's personal colour ethos ensures that while suitability is her priority, creative thinking is her guide. Claire endlessly seek new ways to blend shade and technique to provide every head of hair with a ‘wow’ factor.

Her technical abilities and strengths include:

Broad and in-depth knowledge of colour placement, colour choice, application techniques, balancing and colour correction and creative techniques. Powerful creative vision for colour.

The ability to amplify and accentuate every cut with the dimension of colour.

Superior communication skills, allowing me to motivate clients about my ideas for the potential of their look.

Intuitive training skills - the staff in our salons and the students in our Academy learn all the tools they need to succeed with colour. I shape my teaching around the learning styles of my students so that they integrate new ideas and techniques in a meaningful way.

Our Images

Francesco Group's images are our key communication tool at every level. Claire's greatest success is making the colour story strong, relevant, achievable, inspirational, accessible, desirable and fully communicated from the photographic studio through to the client.