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Mia Dellicompagni - Creative Director

Expert Knowledge

Mia Dellicompagni has previously worked for the Francesco Group as a Franchisee and Company Art Director and now brings her expert knowledge to all levels of training at the Advanced Academy. Experienced in every aspect of salon life and super skilled in creative cutting, Mia is well versed in the qualities needed to achieve salon success and provides an inspirational educational experience to all delegates.

Now in her 19th year of hairdressing, Mia’s innate hairdressing skills and creativity were recognised early doors of her career. "In my very first year of being a qualified hairdresser – 1993 – I won the Clynol title of ‘Session Stylist of the Year’,” says Mia. “It gave me great confidence and the determination to set my sights on more hairdressing achievements."

Anya Dellicompagni - Francesco Group Director of Hairdressing

Mia Dellicompagni Collection Shoot

Anya Dellicompagni and Eugene Souleiman

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And recognition, followed by achievements weren’t slow in coming. While running a busy column and nurturing a growing clientele, Mia was soon appointed Junior Art Director for the Francesco Group. 1998 then saw her becoming a Franchisee of the Bridle Road salon, where she dedicated several years to combine creativity with business acumen to ensure a healthy, thriving salon.

"I was then offered the opportunity to become Director of Hairdressing, assisting the MD,” says Mia. “It was an opportunity I grabbed with both hands, knowing my grass roots skills and industry knowledge would be powerful tools when advising management both as a hairdresser and successful commercial business woman."

Wearing her Director of Hairdressing hat, Mia entered the British Hairdressing Awards’ Midlands Hairdresser of the Year Competition in 1999. "Becoming a finalist was one of my finest moments – my greatest professional accolade yet," she says with justifiable pride.

Proud Moments

And, talking of finest proud moments – 2005 saw Mia taking a career break to focus on having a family. She returned to the company to run a part-time column, taking on the full responsibility in 2009 of Academy Creative Director, working alongside the Creative Team to share her wealth of creative and commercial expertise.

Now approaching her 20th hairdressing anniversary, Mia’s work in the Academy is key to maintaining the high quality standards for which the Francesco Group is famed, both locally and within the professional industry. Her Advanced Courses and inspirational demonstrations at the Academy have become the touchstone of excellence for her colleagues. “Hairdressing is in my blood and I hope to remain a player in our business forever and a day,” says Mia.

Anya Dellicompagni and Eugene Souleiman

Mia Dellicompagni  Judging Wella TrendVision