The O Pod Cloud Nine


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The O Pod

The O Pod
(Cloud Nine)

RRP £152.02   Our price £137.65



The O Pod Product Information

The O by Cloud Nine is the multi award winning style innovation!

 The O Pod heats rollers in less than 4 seconds, meaning styling time reduced, whether you have all day or a few minutes to get the perfect look, the O pod is perfect for you.


 The O features revolutionary induction heating technology which channels energy directly into the roller, place a roller into the pod, allow 4 seconds for the roller to charge, then position in hair.

 Cool Handling: After the roller is charged, the core is heated the outside is not so as not to burn your hands! Giving to plenty of time to position the roller into the hair before the heat reaches the outside. Meaning the roller is hot in your hair and not in  the hand.

 Soft Rollers: The rollers are soft and lightweight so they sit comfortably in the hair, boasting soft grip technology they can be easily removed without any dragging or sticking.

 Various Size: Whether want big voluptuous hair or tight accurate curls; there is a roller for you! 

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