Collexia Professional Hairdryer


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Collexia Professional

Collexia Professional

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Collexia Professional Product Information

The only hairdryer that dries hair in double time and the only hairdryer that combines a professional cosmetic treatment that allows you to dry and condition your hair at the same time!

Collexia Professionals have created the innovative ultra fast double power technology that gives you full control of power for the first time, using 50% more pressure and air flow drying time is significantly reduced with the added benefit of protecting and replenishing the hair whilst in use.

The revolutionary Collexia Professional Hairdryer has a cosmetic nozzle and a unique air flow, making it compatible with the Cosmetic Hair Program, a patented system that uses cutting edge cosmetics personalised for specific needs, in single-dose pods. The air contacts the pod which releases active ingredients that are diffused by the air flow onto hair, offering an exclusive cosmetic hairstyle that is quick and effective.

Cosmetic Hair Program pods sold separately and available in 3 varieties - Hydra (for dry coarse hair), Beauty (for all hair types) and Repair (for chemically treated, fragile and fine hair).

Note: Hairdryer can be used as normal without Cosmetic Hair Program.

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