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Advice to My Younger Self

Hairdressing Advice to My Younger Self - National Apprenticeship Week

22 February, 2019

Advice to My Younger Self

Advice to My Younger Self


Talented members of the Francesco Group Family share their knowledge for National Apprenticeship Week.

In the early days of your hairdressing career you are relied upon for keeping the salon running smoothly and assisting colleagues as they get to do all the fun stuff! It can lead to frustrations when you long to stretch your wings. However, it’s important to remember that these tasks are the building blocks that set the foundation for a solid career in hairdressing and before you know it, it’s your time to thrive.

We spoke to a few of our FG success stories to find out what they wish they knew at the beginning of their career.

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Hairdressing Advice to My Younger Self - Saranne Corbett - Francesco Group

Saranne, Francesco Group Streetly Salon Director

   Work hard, be available and always be willing, because your end game is always in sight. I love what I do, and I do what I love, but it hasn’t been that way for every hour of my career so far. The days where I cleaned roller trays for hours on end, banded perm rods together and scrubbed chairs until they sparkled were not my finest hour, but do you know what it taught me? Stamina! Not every client is going to be the arty creative client you long for, but you can make every single person that walks in through your salon door feel amazing. Shampooing endlessly for that senior stylist that likes to drink too much coffee isn’t a chore, it’s a way of building a relationship with every single one of their clients so that when you qualify, that client is confident in coming to you for their visit to the salon. Gowning up clients and passing up foils to the technician isn’t just about being a gopher, it’s about playing the long game and building relationships with your peers so that you can get the best out of them; everyone is always more eager to show a willing apprentice new things, than a scowling one.

I have had an amazing career over the last 20 years with Francesco Group, from a Saturday kid to a franchisee and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Hairdressing Advice to My Younger Self - Mia Dellicompagni - Francesco Group

Mia, Francesco Group Director of Hairdressing

   Patience is what I would have told myself to have more of! I also would have spent more time focusing on the foundations of hairdressing; execute the classics in hairdressing and nail them, embrace all techniques and understand their relevance to all areas of hairdressing. I remember disliking setting and thinking it was so old fashioned, but 23 years on into my career, those basics are key to today’s trends.

Be a sponge and take every opportunity you can and push yourself out of your comfort zone! You might just surprise yourself.

I have had such an amazing career, but Industry recognition is so special, to have your peers and idols recognise your work is wonderful; being a British Hairdressing Awards finalist 3 times will always be something I’m proud of. On a business level, being instrumental in the success of our newest academy at Poole, seeing it grow and develop so many wonderful apprentices and turn them into great hairdressers is magical and it’s my passion.

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Hairdressing Advice to My Younger Self - Paul Corbett - Francesco Group

Paul, Francesco Group Streetly Salon Director

   I definitely wouldn’t change anything about my career. I’d probably tell myself to just relax and soak it all in and have a little more belief in my potential. But I have had so many incredible mentors throughout my hairdressing career, I hope to have the same positive influence on people around me.

I’ve experienced so much; the hair industry is the best that there is for life experiences, if you are willing to give your time and enthusiasm. I’ve been onstage at the Royal Albert Hall where I met Vidal Sassoon, toured the country as the Guest Artist for Wella Xposure, I was a member of the first Wella Generation NOW Team, took part in a photo shoot in LA and worked alongside my wife at Cannes Film Festival as the stylists for the Global Short Film Awards. However, by far my favourite experience was spending two weeks working with under-privileged children in Cambodia as part of the Wella/UNICEF Making Waves Project. Those two weeks changed my entire life.

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The wonderful thing about the hairdressing industry is that there are so many different avenues open to you. Once you have your initial qualification, the world is your oyster! There are so many different career opportunities available and you can tailor your career to suit what you love most! Travel the world as a Session Stylist or a Cruise Ship hairdresser, become a Salon Owner, work in TV or film as a stylist to the stars. Or even a Tricologist, working with product creation and much more!

Find out more about a career in hairdressing, here or by clicking the link below…

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