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Curly Hair Problems? We can help!

Afro & Curly
14 November, 2018

Curly Hair Problems? We can help!

Curly Hair Problems?

We Can Help!

Michelle Thompson, Award-Winning Afro & Curl specialist based at Francesco Group Birmingham Salon & Academy, recently worked with Lydia, a dual-heritage client who has been made to feel like her curls are problematic.

We asked Michelle to share her thoughts on Lydia’s story, its one that she has heard many times before:

  When I first met Lydia, she explained to me that she had been turned away from many different salons because they didn’t cater to afro hair or curly hair types.

She had faced a lot of rejection which made her quite introverted as she was growing up. She went to a largely white school and always felt quite left out. Lydia is dual heritage, her mum is white, so she didn’t know which salons to take her to and Lydia’s Dad, although he has Afro hair, couldn’t advise as he always wore it short.

We come across stories like Lydia’s a lot, and we feel it’s important to let people know that they aren’t the only families in this situation and that we are the salon to help! Lydia was eventually told about FG Birmingham Salon & Academy via word of mouth and I was so excited to start this journey with her.

Curly Hair Problems Achieve the Hair You Love

Lydia has beautiful hair, such stunning curls, but what is heart-breaking about her story is that she has been made to feel like her hair is a hindrance. When we first met I felt like she’d lost her identity because of the way she’d been made to feel about her hair.

Our vision when we opened FG Birmingham Salon & Academy was to make sure that every client felt like a VIP and to ensure that we never have to turn a client away because of their hair texture or type. Lydia calls our salon a ‘God-send’ and that means so much to me, because it shows that our dream has come true. Every single stylist in this salon can do all hair types and that was always Frank’s (Dellicompagni) vision and he made it into mine and now it’s becoming a reality. The day we filmed was the first time Lydia and her mum were able to go to a hair salon together and both have their hair done; I’m so proud that we were the salon to create that bonding experience between them.

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Lydia is an educated client now, she has spent years working with products that don’t work on her hair type, but now we have provided her with a bespoke homecare routine, she is able to manage her hair so much better. She’s actually started to love her hair! When she saw her hair straight and shiny for the first time, she teared up and I’m so honoured to have been the person that helped her start to love her hair; she’s a perfect example of why I do what I do.

Ideally, what I would love is for Lydia to one day walk out of our salon with her natural curls and love how she looks and feels. I hope that as we start to embrace natural curls and increase knowledge about caring for curly hair types, there will be a whole generation that don’t grow up ashamed or embarrassed by their curls, instead, they will embrace and love them.

Michelle Thompson Afro and Curly Hair Expert

Michelle Thompson


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If you have experienced similar difficulties or know someone who has book in for a free consultation and begin the journey towards hair that you love.




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