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Going from Dark to Blonde: Expectations Vs Reality

Dark Hair to Blonde Hair - Francesco Group Hairdressing

08 May, 2018

Going from Dark to Blonde: Expectations Vs Reality

Going from Dark Hair to Blonde Hair


Instagram, Facebook & YouTube are full of hair transformations that would have you believe that it takes only a two-hour hair appointment to go from a jet-black base to platinum white blonde.

In reality it can take up to six hair colour appointments to achieve your desired shade! This depends on your hair’s condition and hair type, length & build-up of artificial colour on your hair. If you have 10 years of a permanent jet-black dye on your hair, it is going to be harder to lift than somebody who has naturally dark hair wanting to go blonde.

The darker the hair, the more warmth is naturally present and the harder it is to neutralise. This means that during the hair colour transition process you will have a lot of warmer tones throughout your hair, but this is just part of the process. The use of Silver Shampoos and Toning Conditioners in your homecare will help to reduce the warmth.

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WellaPlex is a Must!

The use of Wellaplex when lightening your hair will help to achieve the required lift without compromising your hair’s condition. Wellaplex helps to reconstruct the hair bonds for deep hair restoration, meaning hair feels stronger, healthier and more manageable. This will help to restore your hair’s protein levels & add moisture to help prevent any further chemical damage.

Prepare to take home WellaPlex Number 3, this hair stabiliser is an at-home care product, which both supports your hair and helps to keep it strong, smooth and soft until your next in-salon WellaPlex treatment.

Dark Hair to Blonde Hair - Francesco Group Hairdressing

Credit: www.modernsalon.com

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At Francesco Group, we are proud of the extensive training of all our teams who will help you to achieve your desired look in a way to suit your budget and life-style. Depending on your hair length, condition & hair colour history, be prepared to spend over multiple appointments anything ranging from £300 to £2,000 to get your dream look.

Want a more gradual approach? Why not go down the Khloe Kardashian route? This route is kinder to the hair; however, it will take more appointments to achieve your desired look as it is a softer/healthier approach.

Dark Hair to Blonde Hair - Francesco Group Hairdressing

Credit: www.glamour.com

This gorgeous look can take up to twelve appointments to reduce damage and achieve this colour, which would cost around £1,200 in total.

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The Best Way to Go Blonde?

The best way to go from dark hair to blonde hair can alter depending on your hair type and colour, you can book in for a FREE consultation with one of our FG Colour Experts and they can create a bespoke colour timeline to implement your dream look.


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