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Following in Award-Winning Footsteps – A Dynamic Mother & Daughter Duo!

Mother and Daughter Hairdressers - Charlotte and Sarah Pelter

20 March, 2020

Following in Award-Winning Footsteps – A Dynamic Mother & Daughter Duo!

Mother & Daughter Duo!

Following in Award-Winning Footsteps

Here at Francesco Group we are incredibly proud of our 50-year history and the #FGFamily beliefs that have defined the Group for half a century. Recently, a Trainee Of The Year competition perfectly encapsulated everything that we love about the Francesco Group ethos.

Charlotte Pelter had been training with Francesco Group for only 5 months when she won Level One Trainee Of The Year. When she was asked why it was so important for her to enter the competition, she told us that her mum, Sarah, won the same award in 1985 and she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Charlotte not only won the same award, she is also training with Kerry and Judy from Francesco Group Church Lane; the exact same salon, the exact same #FGFamily members. How wonderful!

As part of our Mother’s Day celebrations, we spoke to this talented Mother & Daughter duo about their love of hairdressing.

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Mother and Daughter Hairdressers - Sarah Pelter

Sarah Pelter, Francesco Group Church Lane

When did you decide you wanted to become a hairdresser?

Sarah  –  I think I always knew I would be a hairdresser. My school reports described me as friendly and polite but always said that I talked too much!

Charlotte  –  I’ve always had a love for hair, as I’ve grown up with my Mum being a hairdresser, I wanted to follow in her footsteps. After I got a training block for my 8th birthday from my parents I spent hours playing around with the hair and doing different braids.

Mother and Daughter Hairdressers - Charlotte Pelter

Charlotte Pelter, Francesco Group Church Lane

Why was FG Church Lane the right salon for you?

Sarah  –  After an interview with Pete Dellicompagni on a Friday, I started at the Church Lane salon the following morning on a youth training scheme. The scheme lasted a year and Kerry offered me an Apprenticeship to qualify.

Charlotte  –  FG Church Lane was definitely the right salon for me, as I knew my Mum has very happy memories of training there with Kerry. I went for a chat about an Apprenticeship and an hour later I was sat at my induction day.

What did/do you enjoy most about your training?

Sarah  –  The Francesco Group was much smaller then; 7 or 8 salons I think, and it had very much a family feel. All of the practical training was done in the salon you were based; working in the day and observing a training night on a Tuesday, when a senior member of staff stayed behind to teach trainees. Everyone had an input and it meant that a great relationship was built between the staff. You always felt very much like a member of the team. The theory was taught by Ann Dellicompagni, so it was very much a family run business. Thursday nights at The Nags Head were also great for team ‘spirit!’.

Charlotte  –  I enjoy the fact that we get to the Academy for training days and we get to interact with other Apprentices from different salons. I’ve made so many friends since starting my training! I also love doing in-salon training with Kerry, as he has so much experience and knowledge. His passion for hairdressing just makes you so excited to learn. I never thought of training anywhere else. I knew that Francesco Group provided the best training and will hopefully give me a secure job at the end.

Sarah, how did you feel when Charlotte decided she wanted to become a hairdresser?

Sarah  –  Charlotte has always been interested in hair, so I wasn’t at all surprised when she contacted Kerry and Judy to talk about the possibility.

Did you encourage her to do her training with FG? If so, why?

Sarah  –  I wouldn’t have liked her training anywhere else! The Group has the experience in training and investing in future talent. Charlotte has always enjoyed art and I think FG can offer her the opportunity to shine in all areas of the industry, as well as the shop floor creativity.

Mother and Daughter Hairdressers - Charlotte Pelter Winning TOTY

Charlotte Pelter, TOTY 2020 Winner

How did it feel when you won Trainee Of The Year?

Sarah  –  It was so long ago! I remember practising and thinking how patient my model was. The idea was to create a striking look; technique and finish were marked higher. It was a live competition, so you worked on the floor for half an hour with judges walking around and observing. I remember being so chuffed to win!

Charlotte  –  I felt so overwhelmed when I won TOTY! It felt amazing to win a competition after only being with the Group for 5 months. It was also great to have Mum & Dad there supporting me, and to make them proud.

Mother and Daughter Hairdressers - Sarah Pelter Winning TOTY

Sarah Pelter, TOTY Winner

Sarah, was it surreal watching Charlotte win the same award so many years later?

Sarah  –  It was amazing to see Charlotte win! I would describe myself as being loud and proud…then a bit emotional!

Charlotte, how does it feel to know that your mum won the same award?

Charlotte  –  It’s quite surreal! It’s a nice thought to know that I’m literally following in her footsteps.

What is the best part about being a hairdresser?

Sarah  –  I consider myself very lucky to have enjoyed my job for so long! To spend your working day making people happy and feeling happy with themselves is great.

Charlotte  –  The best part of my job is seeing how happy we can make someone feel. I love meeting all different people and seeing how their experience in the salon can lift their mood! I also love seeing the results you can get from different techniques.

Sarah, what can you tell us about your hairdressing career so far?

Sarah  –  I think FG give all of their staff the ability to change and move with the times. Products and looks are ever changing and the ability to move with them is a great gift! I still have 15 of my original clientele from my first year of qualifying.

Charlotte, how does your mum inspire you as a hairdresser?

Charlotte  –  My Mum has always inspired me as a hairdresser because of how much she loves her job. I’ve come to realise it’s easy to work hard when you enjoy what you do. Every morning when we leave for work, she says, “Let’s go and make the world beautiful!” and that sets us both up for the day.

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Thank you, Sarah and Charlotte, for sharing your story with us!

If you would like to find out more about FG Apprenticeships, click on the link below.



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