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Game of Tones!

Game of Tones - Francesco Group

14 June, 2018

Game of Tones!

Game of Tones!

What is a Hair Toner?

We’re sure you’ve often heard your hairdresser talking about toners, but do you know what they are? We thought we would take the time to explain what a toner is and why it is one of the most important hair-care products and services in your hair care regime.

What is a toner? A toner can be used to neutralise unwanted tones such as golds, greens & oranges or to enhance & increase the vibrancy of your desired shade. Toners will not lighten the hair it will only darken, neutralise unwanted tones & enhance tone.

Toners come in the form of shampoos, conditioners, permanent and semi-permanent colours. Toning shampoos, like Colour Recharge from Wella’s Invigo Range, are toning shampoos and conditioners that contain colour pigments and can be used to enhance, neutralise and increase vibrancy of tone. Silver Saver shampoos & conditioners are also a toner; these are blue or violet in colour to help neutralise golden tones & natural warmth in blonde hair.

Wella Invigo - Game of Tones

There is a wide array of in-salon hair toner colour options within our colour portfolio, to help you to achieve your hair goals.

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In-Salon Toner Treatment

Glossy Hair - Game of Tones

Crystal Glossing

This treatment adds subtle colour & shine to any hair colour, perfect if you don’t want to colour your hair but you want to add some extra vibrancy and shine to your natural colour. Do you love the feel of freshly washed hair? Crystal Gloss toners give you that feeling every day for up to six weeks! Treatment starting from £10.

Matte Glossing

A Matte Gloss service allows you to rock a subtle colour that fades beautifully. Do you love how versatile your hair is the day after you’ve washed it? Matte Gloss treatments create hair full of volume, movement and texture for up to six weeks. Treatment starting from £10.

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Colour Blow Dry

Colour Blowdry

A colour blowdry is a combination service, using a conditioner with an added temporary colour pop. Development time on your hair is between 5-20 minutes, depending on the desired results. We can also build up and enhance more tone using Wella’s Perfecton products, which can add vibrancy to your colour. This will stay in the hair for up to one shampoo, so you can be back to your natural colour in no time, a perfect choice during the summer season! Treatment starting from £20, includes a blow-dry & finish.

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Pastel Toning - Game of Tones

Pastel Toning

Pastel toning can be used to either neutralise unwanted tones or enhance your favourite tones, using our premium colour range, Wella Professional’s Illumina Colour. This look should last up to ten shampoos, depending on your home-care routine. This toning service is amazing for blondes wanting to create pastel results with high shine. Treatment starting from £10.

Homecare Toners

Colour Fresh is our extremely versatile and gentle conditioning colour enhancer, which can be used in your homecare routine and lasts up to 10 shampoos. It is ideal for refreshing your colour in-between services and blending grey hairs. This product can be purchased at your local Francesco Group salon.

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Your Chance to WIN!

Share a selfie with your Stylist, showing off your gorgeous new colour for your chance to win fabulous prizes!

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Please note, a Skin Allergy Test may be required at least 48 hours before a colour service at all Francesco Group salons!


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