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How to Achieve your Dream Wedding Hair

Achieve Dream Wedding Hair at Francesco Group - Wedding Couple

06 March, 2020

How to Achieve your Dream Wedding Hair

Your Dream Wedding Hair


Congratulations on your Engagement! Your hair is one of your best accessories on the big day and with so many styles and colours available, you’re probably wondering where to start.

To help you achieve your dream Wedding Hair and make your day run as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together a list of key things to do, to ensure that you have dream hair on your dream day!

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Achieve Dream Wedding Hair at Francesco Group

Your Consultation

Try and arrange your initial consultation as far in advance of your wedding as possible. This ensures we have enough time to implement a suitable care plan to achieve your dream look.

This is your opportunity to have a good chat to your stylist about the kind of look you would like; bring pictures of hairstyles that you love and if you’ve picked your dress bring a photograph of that too.

At your consultation we will devise a tailor-made care plan for your appointments leading up to the big day, to get your hair looking healthy, shiny and at its best.

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Trial Run

If you’re having a veil or using hair accessories, bring these along so we can make sure they go with your chosen style.

Bring a friend along with you to take pictures of the different styles at every angle, to help you decide which look you prefer. You can have as many trials as you like, so if you don’t find your perfect style, don’t worry! We can arrange another date to look at other options.

If it’s possible, try and arrange your hair trial on the same day as a dress fitting so you can see the overall look together.

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Achieve Dream Wedding Hair at Francesco Group

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Stay True to You

Your wedding day is the time when you should look the best version of yourself. Now isn’t the time to try a radical new look; if you always have short hair or never wear your hair up, now isn’t the time to grow your hair or try an elaborate updo.

Remember the Dress

When looking at different hairstyles, remember that your hair on the day should reflect the style of your dress. If you have a modern, formal dress, a dishevelled, braided updo wouldn’t look right. Similarly, a sleek, classic bun would be at odds with a vintage dress.

Colouring Plan

If you’ve never had colour before, your wedding day is probably not the best time to experiment with a bold new colour! However, at Francesco Group we have a fantastic range of premium colour services that are designed to enhance your natural tones and add plenty of shine.

Use your consultation to discuss the colour you would like to be on your wedding day. Some shades take a couple of appointments to achieve, so it’s important to develop a colour schedule to ensure you have the right look for the day.

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Achieve Dream Wedding Hair at Francesco Group

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Plan in Advance

Make sure you allow plenty of time to achieve your desired colour, that way if the shade isn’t quite right or you want to enhance it further, there is plenty of time to make adjustments before your wedding day.

How will your hair be styled on the day?

Choose a colour service that will enhance your style. If you have highlights, remember that if you are wearing your hair up, this will show the darker section underneath, so we can add some highlights there to keep your colour even across your whole head.

Maximum Shine

We have a range of semi-permanent services which will subtly enhance your natural colour and give your hair the ultimate shine for your big day, without the long-term commitment and maintenance of permanent hair colour.

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Achieve Dream Wedding Hair at Francesco Group - Bride in Window

On the Day

Whether you decide to come to the salon, would like our team to come to your home or to your wedding venue; Francesco Group offers flexible options to suit you and ensure your day gets off to a relaxed start with all the pampering you need to prepare for the day ahead.

This is the moment when all the planning comes together, and you can sit back and let us create your dream look for your wedding day!

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