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Kerry O’Sullivan Celebrates 40 Years with FG!

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group

FG Family
14 July, 2021

Kerry O’Sullivan Celebrates 40 Years with FG!

Celebrates 40 Years


It was in 1978 that Kerry first encountered Francesco Group and was introduced to FG Chairman, Peter Dellicompagni. Then after attending another Francesco Group show in Blackpool, Kerry wrote to apply for a job and was offered an Artistic Director position. In 1981 he made the move to Staffordshire to join the Group and never looked back.

When asked why Francesco Group was the right choice for him back in 1981, Kerry shared that he was enthralled by the drive within the Group.

   They had a lot of ambition, not just for a great business model, but there was a lot of creative ambition as well, I think that was what attracted me. As soon as I started working for them there were so many opportunities made available to me; we were doing photoshoots and competing in industry competitions and doing demonstrations for other hairdressers at Salon International   

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Fancy Dress

Kerry in Fancy Dress

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry with FG Creative Team

Kerry with the #FG Creative Team

One year after his first encounter with Pete Dellicompagni, Kerry met his future wife Judy whilst both working aboard the Canberra Cruise Liner; Kerry as a stylist and Judy as a beauty therapist.

Kerry and Judy married in 1981 and then during one busy week in August 1984, the couple moved house, found out they were to become parents for the first time and together took over the Francesco Group salon on Church Lane in Stafford!

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry with FG Family Members

Kerry with #FGFamily members

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry with FG Team

Kerry with #FGFamily members

During these last 40 years Kerry has seen many industry trends come and go, kept his business afloat during multiple recessions, nurtured and educated more hairdressing talent than we’d be able to count and even steered the salon ship during the rocky waters of a worldwide pandemic.

When asked about his biggest highlight over the last 40 years, the realities of the Francesco Group family ties are ever more present. His daughter Kate trained with Francesco Group and has become a successful Stylist in her own right, even winning the Hairdresser’s Journal’s British Hairdressing Business Awards Stylist of the Year.

  The ultimate highlight has to be when Kate won her Stylist of the Year Award, I wasn’t just a proud salon owner, I was a proud Dad, which made it all the more special  

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kate Winning the British Hairdressing Business Awards

Kate Earl WINS at the BHBA’s

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Hugging Daughter Kate

Kerry hugging daughter, Kate

We asked members of our #FGFamily to share their memories of Kerry during the last 40 years.

   I started when I was 16 working for Kerry in 1986, I was there for two years and loved it! Kerry instilled my love and passion for hairdressing which I still have today, 35 years later, and he’s still inspiring other young hairdressers too. It was a fun salon to work in, always something happening; nights out, drinks after work, a great team! Congratulations Kerry on your 40 years at the helm.   

Louise, who trained with Kerry and then went on to own her own FG Salon, Francesco Group Stone.

   I have known Kerry for all of those 40 years. I’ve worked with him on various occasions; he has always been so enthusiastic and passionate about his craft, whether it’s been shows, seminars, photoshoots, Salon International… all sorts! He is the hairdresser that doesn’t stop until it’s right! In his youth the shows had to be the biggest and best, and as a photographer he is amazing! Always looking forward to the next thing. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years!   

Jacky, owner of Francesco Group Hanley.

   Kerry is a master of his craft, a true professional. He always puts in 1000%, whether it’s cutting hair, taking photos for competitions or in business, he is someone I truly look up to! I have been employed by Kerry for 23 years and we have had many giggles; from Kerry falling in holes at comp night, to him putting the backwash hose in my pocket while I’m shampooing and hiding in towel bins, it’s never a dull day in the presence of Mr O! Congratulations on your 40 years of business!   

Gemma, Salon Manager at Francesco Group Church Lane.

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry and Wife Judy

Kerry and Judy O’Sullivan

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry and Judy Wedding

Kerry and Judy on their Wedding day

   Kerry is one of the most loyal people we’ve ever had in the organisation. Forty years seems a long time. When he joined me at my first salon he was a great asset; so loyal and so trustworthy, we had many good times together building the business up. He truly is a great hairdresser but also a great friend and very loyal to the Francesco Group brand. We had many moments where we were having hard days at work, sometimes 11 or 12 hour days and we’d always go to the pub, especially on a Friday night! My fondest memories are sitting there just for one beer and ending up leaving probably at midnight or even later and then we had to be up for another hard days work! The best team meetings we ever had were in the pub! I’m so proud of Kerry, congratulations on 40 years!   

FG Chairman, Peter Dellicompagni.

   I’ve known Kerry all my life, growing up with FG and the team within the group, I have always associated Church Lane as Kerry’s salon. Kerry is continuously inspiring; from his creativity to incredible hairdressing skills and still to this day he is one of the best! As my role has evolved, I’ve always enjoyed hearing the great memories from Kerry, whether it be the funny stories or how the hairdressing trends and the business has evolved. Congratulations on 40 years!   

Anya Dellicompagni, FG Managing Director.

   My dad has been my greatest inspiration and motivation. I have watched many famous hairdressers and I have met very few people who can cut hair like Dad. He is a true craftsman and is a perfectionist with every haircut he does. As an employer he is dedicated to his staff, he wants them all to succeed and be the best they can be, but most of all he wants people to be happy and feel proud of what they have achieved. Throughout my whole life he has been incredibly supportive and encouraged me in whatever I had wanted to do. I aspire to one day be the hairdresser and mentor that he is.   

Kate Earl, Senior Stylist at FG Church Lane and Kerry’s daughter.

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Backstage at Fashion Show

Kerry working backstage at a Fashion Show

Kerry OSullivan Celebrates 40 Years With Francesco Group - Kerry and Pete Dellicompagni

Kerry and Pete Dellicompagni

We can’t thank Kerry enough for the commitment and loyalty that he has shown Francesco Group during these forty years. He has helped to shape and build up the business since its infancy and we are so happy he has come along for the ride!

Kerry at Francesco Group Woodings Yard Academy

Kerry and the FG Church Lane Team at the FG Awards

Francesco Group Divide


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