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LET’S Talk!

Let's Talk - Francesco Group Hairdressing

16 June, 2022

LET’S Talk!

LET’s  Talk!

When was the last time we sat and had a really good chat about your hair and care plan?

We’re living through challenging times; we’re all facing increasing costs at every turn and the world around us can sometimes seem in disarray.

Let's Talk - Francesco Group Hairdressing

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to feel like the best versions of ourselves and our salons are here to offer you a warm and friendly space to switch off, relax and pamper yourself. We understand that many of our priorities are evolving at the moment, which might make visiting the salon more of a challenge.

So, Let’s Talk!

We care deeply about all of our clients and we’re here to help you prioritise yourself, so that whatever may be happening in your life, we can help to ensure that you are still able to enjoy your FGExperience and face the world with beautiful hair.

The Perfect Hair Care Plan

Our teams are here to help you build your perfect hair care plan, which fits around your lifestyle, availability, your budget and whatever else may be happening with you right now.

Complimentary Consultations

Complimentary consultations are available throughout the week, so why not call in at the salon and have an in-depth chat with your Stylist, who will help create your own tailor-made plan to achieve your hair goals and keep you looking fabulous!


Let's Talk - Francesco Group Hairdressing


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