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Meet the FG Mums!

Francesco Group Meet the FG Mums

28 February, 2018

Meet the FG Mums!

Meet the FG Mums!


When we talk about the #FGFamily, we really mean it!

Many people who work for Francesco Group are following in the footsteps of their parents and we thought that Mother’s Day was the perfect reason to get to know the family members who have helped to make Francesco Group successful.

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Phillipa Dellicompagni - Meet the FG Mums

Philippa, Mia & Ben

The Founding Family

The Dellicompagni’s are the first family of FG, the Group began with Frank and Philippa 50 years ago and the mantle has since been passed on to Ben & Mia.


   My memories begin before there ever was a group as such. The very first salon that we owned was Bridle Road, followed by Parkside and Hanley and then Church Lane. I don’t think we ever foresaw the group growing to the size that it is today! Mia was always very creative and artistic, so it seemed a natural progression for her to go into hairdressing, Ben came into it much later after university but very much more on the business and management side. Both of them have inherited the passion for running a family business and I’m very proud of both of them and I have every faith in them to take FG into the future.   


   Having grown up within FG it was a natural step for me to join the family business. I’d always been a Saturday Girl and loved spending time at the salons, I even did my work experience in our marketing department. I had a strong desire to fulfil a career mixed with creativity, people and service..so it was always going to be FG! My first memories of FG are the social ones, the coming together of the whole company in fun scenarios. We always had FG sports day, FG bowling and even FG ski trips! The foresight 30-40 years ago to embrace and look after your people has been a culture I learnt early on and I still try to embrace it in my every day work today. The best part of being in a family business is the unity we have. It keeps us together and gives us a deeper understanding and passion for the business, and of course each other.   


   I chose FG because I truly wanted to continue and develop our family business and I was very motivated by the chance to work with my family, and of course the extended FG Family. FG is engrained in my childhood, one of my first memories is spinning myself on the chair at my father’s first salon in Bridle Road! I love the culture of FG, it is a family culture and it spreads throughout all we do, it makes me very proud.   

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Francesco Group Meet the FG Mums

Andrea & Evie

Francesco Group Head Office & Francesco Group Weeping Cross

Andrea joined FG in 1990 and her daughter Evie began her hairdressing career with FG when she was 14.


   I joined FG back in 1990 as the Executive Director’s PA, almost 28 years on I’m now the Director of Operations, so FG was obviously the right company for me. When Evie said she wanted to be a hairdresser I was delighted because I knew what an exciting career it was and joining FG would give her so many opportunities. I love being able to see Evie up on stage at an FG Awards Night collecting an award for her hairdressing, it makes me so proud… The downside is I have to be on my best behaviour!   


   Mum had worked at FG for a long time and when they started working with my high school I had a chance to start hairdressing from the age of 14, which was much better than normal school work! I have had my hair done at Weeping Cross salon since the age of 5, which is lovely because it is the same salon where I am now a full-time Master Colour Expert, I’ve grown up there. I guess the one negative to working at the same company as my Mum is that I can’t get too drunk on a work’s do!   

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Francesco Group Meet the FG Mums

Judy & Kate

Francesco Group Church Lane

Francesco Group Church Lane has been run by Husband & Wife Team Kerry & Judy since 1984, and during this time they have welcomed their daughter Kate into the Salon.


   Kerry and I have been involved with FG since 1981 – we became Franchisees in 1984 and as such are the ‘oldest’ franchisees! We are very close – so having Kate in the salon is lovely. As our daughter, Kate has always felt she had to work longer and harder than others to show that she isn’t ‘gifted’ anything, but I feel she has more than proved that. The downside to us working together is that it never leaves us – just ask our son and Kate’s husband!   


   I applied for the graduate scheme after leaving university in 2008, I trained at the advanced academy for a year and then went to work at the Newport salon. I didn’t tell mum and dad I was applying for the job and I never intended to work for them, but a staff member left and there was a client base waiting at Church Lane. I loved growing up with FG, one of my first memories is Mum and Dad rehearsing with models at Francesco Group Stone for a show they were doing. The models wore black dresses with white targets and walked to Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel. It seemed perfectly normal that Daddy was teaching ladies to dance, and Mummy was doing all sorts of weird and wonderful make up!   

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Francesco Group Meet the FG Mums

Joy & Lacey

Francesco Group Head Office

Joy joined the Francesco Group Head Office in 2001 and in 2004 FG welcomed her daughter Lacey to the Team.


   I was very happy for Lacey to come and work for FG. She was unhappy at her previous employment and Sylvia (Executive Director), was very impressed with her at her interview so I knew she would do well!   


   Mum genuinely appeared to love her job and the people she worked with and I wanted to be part of that, so I was thrilled when I got the opportunity! Just before I started I was invited to go along to an FG Awards night and we all still laugh about my mum’s drunken antics to this day, it was a fun introduction to working with mum! I love that we understand each other’s daily stresses and we’re always there to support each other. Most importantly, my mum makes the best cakes and I get them at home and at work!   

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Francesco Group Meet the FG Mums

Sheena & Mackenzie

Francesco Group Bridle Road

Sheena has worked for Francesco Group for 12 years, with Mackenzie joining the team as an Apprentice last year.


   Mackenzie has been coming into the salon since she was 7 years old. She has always shown an interest in hair and fashion and she decided to join FG at Bridle Road last year as an apprentice. I love having the chance to watch her grow, her enthusiasm and her appreciation of her opportunity. As Salon Manager, there will always be obstacles, but I embrace this and find it more of a positive challenge.   


   I have been coming to the salon 12 years, I have watched many people even younger than myself achieve so much, and I really am enthusiastic about the buzz I get from Hairdressing. I learn a lot from my mum, even though I may not always agree with her advice. I especially love when she brings me my lunch into work!   

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Happy Mother’s Day from Francesco Group!

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