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Ombre Vs Balayage – What’s the Difference?

Ombre vs Balayage Francesco Group

11 April, 2018

Ombre Vs Balayage – What’s the Difference?

vs Balayage!


Ombre or Balayage – do you know the difference? We always want you to walk out of one of our salons with your hair looking exactly how you wanted it.

So to help you to achieve this, we thought we would tell you the differences between Ombre and Balayage, to ensure that you know exactly which look you want before you head into the salon!

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Ombre vs Balayage Francesco Group

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Ombre means that the hair transitions from dark to light. This can go from a contrasting colour such as jet-black fading into ice-white, or a softer, fluid blend such as a soft mocha fusing into a pale fudge & a soft caramel blonde.

This technique works better in hair that is constantly wavy or curly, we would not recommend this colour technique being used on hair that is worn poker straight because you will see an obvious colour line.

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Ombre vs Balayage Francesco Group

Credit: www.instyle.com


A Balayage colour technique is when the lightest part of the hair is seen from the front and then slightly phased out towards the back. This is a freehand technique which allows colourists to utilise a variety of colours in a way which is as low-maintenance or as high-maintenance as you would like, depending on your colour choices.

If you would like a long-lasting service, we recommend using your natural colour as the root colour and the balayage technique to contour your hair to create a sun-kissed effect. This technique is also great for creative colouring too, as you can change your colour frequently using toners which can take you from sun-kissed to pink all within a 45-minute appointment!

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At home maintenance will depend on how dark your contrasting root colour is in comparison to your natural depth. Your hair will need to be pre-lightened to achieve the best results for both an Ombre & Balayage, the use of Olaplex when lightening your hair will help to achieve the required lift without compromising your hair’s condition. We recommend Olaplex Conditioner as part of your home care routine and booking in for regular in-salon treatments to maintain the hair’s integrity.

If you are wanting to experiment with Ombre & Balayage techniques, book in for a free consultation with your local Francesco Group Colour Expert and they will be able to advise you on the best way to achieve you hair goals!


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