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Protect Your Hair from Beach Waves & UV Rays

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22 May, 2018

Protect Your Hair from Beach Waves & UV Rays

Protect Your Hair


Whilst sunning yourself and relaxing is great for your wellbeing, it’s not always kind to your hair! These top tips will help you to protect your hair and avoid sun, sea and chlorine damage.

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Wella Invigo Protect Blonde Hair

Use a Colour Recharge Shampoo

Toning products to protect your hair such as Wella’s Invigo Colour Recharge range will help to counteract the effect of the sun’s rays. The sun takes the tone out of your hair, but Colour Recharge will maintain your colour as you expose your hair to the sun.

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Hydrate Protect Blonde Hair

SP Hydrate

    Keracare Protect Blonde Hair

Keracare Restorative Mask

Hair Masks are a Must!

Use a hair treatment mask a couple of times a week prior to going away to ensure your hair is getting the nourishment it needs. The sun can make your hair dry and humidity can make your hair frizzy, so it’s essential that you keep it conditioned.

We advise taking System Professional’s Hydrate hair treatment mask on holiday and try to squeeze in a couple of treatments whilst you are there and continue with them when you get home to keep your hair in its pristine condition. If you have afro or curly hair, your hair type will need more nourishment; products such as Keracare’s Intensive Restorative Masque are perfect to help to restore the hair’s protein levels.

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Solar Range Protect Blonde Hair

Don’t Forget Hair Sunscreen!

System Professional’s Solar Sun Oil is a lightweight oil which protects hair’s keratin levels and the UV filters prevent sun damage so that you can be confident your hair is safe in the sun. We advise applying 4 or 5 pumps into wet of dry hair before, during and after sun exposure and work through from the mid-lengths to ends for best results.

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Protect Blonde Hair - Francesco Group

Wet Your Hair Before You Go In The Pool

Wet your hair and use Wella’s System Professional Solar Collection UV Protection Spray & Solar Cream before you go in the pool. This will nourish your hair and reduce any damage from the chlorine chemicals, as wet hair is less likely to absorb the chlorine.

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Protect Blonde Hair Don't Brush

Don’t Brush Out Sea Salt

It is important to never try & brush the salt water out of your hair, wash your hair with Wella System Professional Solar Collection products and brush after, otherwise you can damage your hair. It is also great to just embrace what sea-salt does to hair, it creates fizz-free, full of texture hair that’s easy to style!

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Avoid Styling Tools

Heat has the ability to pull colour out of your hair, so we advise against using excessive heat on your hair, especially whilst you are on holiday. If you want to style your hair, ensure you use heat protection product such as Wella’s Thermal Image as this will help to avoid colour fade.

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These tips will help you to get the most out of your holiday without compromising your hair’s condition.


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