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Skin Tone Analysis Services

Skin Tone Analysis - Francesco Group

01 December, 2017

Skin Tone Analysis Services

Having a Skin Tone Analysis Service at your local Francesco Group Salon will help to determine if you are a cool palette or a warm palette, further to that we will also establish if a darker or lighter palette compliments your complexion.

Skin tone is not dictated by eye colour, natural hair colour or how dark or light your skin is. It is determined by whether colours blend in or stand out against your features.

Skin Tone Analysis will help you to create a colour palette that is easy maintenance. You will find that after using colours that suit you perfectly you won’t feel the need to wear make-up, as you can use your palette to enhance your features naturally.

Traditionally, holding different hair colour swatches against your skin was the only way to determine if a colour suited you, but it is not an accurate way of seeing how a colour will react to your features. A Skin Tone Analysis is conducted using drapes in pinky tones, peachy tones, golds & silvers. You can see how these colours transform your complexion, and, with your colourist, you can decide which tones hair suit you best.

Finding your perfect colour palette doesn’t mean you can’t use the colours that aren’t in your palette though! If you want to make a bold statement, use colours that are the opposite of your skin tone, if you want to highlight your natural features, use the colours that represent your skin tone.

Determining your skin tone can transform your whole look completely. We look at your natural colouring, features and lifestyle to advise you not only on your perfect hair colour but complimentary clothing and make-up shades too!


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