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You Won’t Believe this Hairdressing Statistic!

01 December, 2017

You Won’t Believe this Hairdressing Statistic!

For the next few weeks we’re going to focus on something that our Managing Director Ben Dellicompagni has been working on behind the scenes!
Did you know that when you have your hair Cut & Coloured the person doing it doesn’t have to be legally qualified? For doctors, nurses & dentists state registration is mandatory, but for hairdressers it isn’t.

Ben Dellicompagni is working with the Hair & Barber Council to bring about a parliamentary debate followed by a statutory change so that all practising hairdressers will be registered in order to work in the UK. At Francesco Group all of our stylists & colourists are qualified to at least Level 3 Status, this qualification incorporates advanced cutting and colouring techniques, advanced colour corrective knowledge and creative hair design. FG believe in implementing a Level 3 qualification to ensure that all of our Stylists begin their career with the tools to become successful Senior Stylists and we offer continuous training to ensure that they are always learning & improving.

Isn’t it scary to think these qualifications aren’t actually a legal requirement? In reality anyone could open up a hair salon and start cutting & colouring hair, which puts your safety at risk.

Ben Dellicompagni, also Vice Chair of The Hair & Barber Council, said:

“We have customers who think all hairdressers are highly trained professionals, yet the truth of the matter is that anyone can open up tomorrow and cut and colour hair… We need to ensure that we are listening and doing all we can to protect consumers’ interests in our industry”.

A recent survey of 2,000 people revealed that 82% of people think hairdressers and barbers should be trained and qualified to practise in the UK, while 74% said all hairdressers and barbers should have a licence to show they have the necessary qualifications. Health and safety was another priority for consumers with 70% saying they would be concerned for their wellbeing if a hairdresser or barber was not properly trained or qualified.

What are your thoughts on this? Should all hairdressers be registered? If you are a hairdresser wanting to support the cause, you can join the Hair Council here.


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