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50 Years of Francesco Group Hairdressing Salons


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Seasonal Trends

2019 has been the year of the hair accessory; headbands have made a comeback along with statement hair slides and headscarves. So, we thought we would inspire you to deck...


Pumpkins, dark nights, falling leaves and woolly jumpers; these are just a few of the things we associate with autumn, alongside that natural desire to add to warmth to our...

Colour Trends

In Greek Mythology, red-heads are believed to have descended from Prometheus himself, bringer of fire! Could this be the reason why red-heads are known for the fiery temperament that accompanies...


When we talk about the #FGFamily, we really do mean it! Many of our salons are run by successful partners who share a life together as well as a business....


Meet the FG Mums! Many people who work for Francesco Group are following in the footsteps of their parents and we thought that Mother’s Day was the perfect reason to...

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