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The Return of the Haircut!

The Return of the Haircut - Francesco Group Blog

01 December, 2021

The Return of the Haircut!

the Haircut!

We’re here to tell you that the word on the street is THE HAIRCUT IS BACK! And at Francesco Group we could not be more excited!

Those words might immediately conjure thoughts of; which haircut will suit me? Or what’s the best haircut for my face shape? Or even, what’s the difference between a wolf cut, a shag cut or a pixie cut? But before we talk trends and techniques, we’re here to help you talk confidently to your stylist about what you really want from your haircut; so you can wear your crown with pride!

Read on to discover how to talk to your Stylist about shape, layers, length, graduation and fringes (or “Bangs” for the ultra hip) so you get a haircut that you love, without scaring you away at the thought of an over rebellious mullet or a pixie cut that is chopped too short!

Over the past decade, hair trends have focussed on health, shine and above all else, colour. As technology and techniques have advanced, Colourists have been able to create the most incredible natural and bespoke colours. Of course the best way to show this off has been to place it on long, luxurious one length waves and sleek long bobs with the scissors being kept on a leash, reduced to merely a finishing touch or an after-thought that helps to keep away the split ends.

So how can you tread back into the world of the cut? Here are our top tips to help get both you and your hairdresser excited for what may just be the greatest haircut that you have ever had!

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Moodboard - The Return of the Haircut - Francesco Group Blog


Create a moodboard of all the haircuts that you absolutely love right now; save them directly to your phone’s photo album or a pinterest moodboard, then start to look for any patterns that may emerge across the images. Are you loving a certain length? Does the shape tend to hang longer at the back or the front? Are the haircuts layered? Are they textured or are they blunt? Is there volume and where is it? What fringes do you like (if any)?

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Be Honest with Yourself - The Return of the Haircut - Francesco Group Blog


Do you really LOVE these haircuts? Could you imagine styling it each morning and leaving the house feeling empowered by your new style? Remember that your hair is one of the first statements that you make when first meeting someone, so you have to be sure that your haircut tells YOUR story, and not that of a celebrity or model who has the luxury of a hairstylist on call 24/7.

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A great question to NOT ask is “Do you think that this would suit me?” but rather, “How can I wear this haircut in a way that would make me look great and feel my best?”

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Ask your Stylist for advice and be prepared to receive it. Being honest as a hairdresser can be the toughest part of our job, but it is also the most necessary. A great question to NOT ask is “Do you think that this would suit me?” but rather, “How can I wear this haircut in a way that would make me look great and feel my best?” If you want a new style make it clear to your Stylist that you want to leave the salon with a new image and a spring in your step!

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The Return of the Haircut - Francesco Group Blog

Speak the Lingo!

Detail is key, but rather than attempting to explain the technical construct of an inverted Bob with graduated bangs. Instead talk about the direction that you would like your hair to fall when you have styled it; how much or how little you would like it to frame your face; where would you like to see any volume or height and what is the most important problem that you would like your hair stylist to tackle with your new haircut. Show us the pictures that have inspired you and what you love. Your hairdresser should be just as excited as you and when they give you their opinion, embrace it! They want you to feel the best version of yourself.

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Be Brave - The Return of the Haircut - Francesco Group Blog

as You Are!

If the thought of asking for a Bob, a Mullet or a Shag feels either a little too vague or terrifying to you, be honest with your hairdresser and show them the limits of your bravery. Baby steps taken at each appointment will lead to an exciting and ongoing evolution of your style that will mean every trip to the salon is all part of the journey towards your future self. It doesn’t all have to be accomplished in one trip.

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ENJOY IT! No haircut is permanent and no trend is meant to last forever. Whatever cut you decide to try out, you will be able to grow it, crop it, colour it or keep it, depending on how it makes you feel. Enjoy the variety, embrace your hair’s own personality and don’t argue with it. If you have a kink or a crown that gets in your way, don’t fight against it and you will find that it can become one of your most charming features.

No haircut is the same at Francesco Group; our Stylists will can take your favourite elements from a haircut to craft a beautifully tailor-made cut that will make you feel the best version of yourself, safe in the knowledge that your style is unique to you!

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What are you waiting for? Book your next appointment now and discover your new style!



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