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WellaPlex – The Secret to Healthy Hair

WellaPlex - Francesco Group

Colour Treatments
05 July, 2018

WellaPlex – The Secret to Healthy Hair


The Secret to Healthy Hair

The use of Wellaplex when lightening your hair will help to achieve the required lift without compromising your hair’s condition.

Wellaplex helps to reconstruct the hair bonds for deep hair restoration; meaning hair feels stronger, healthier and more manageable.

Wellaplex helps to restore your hair’s protein levels & add moisture to help prevent any further chemical damage. This treatment works for all hair types that have had a pre-lightening service.

WellaPlex - Francesco group

The star of our Summer Rose Quartz campaign, Vlogger Emma’s Rectangle, began her hair lightening journey with the use of Wellaplex. Our Creative Colour Director Claire Chell lifted Emma from a brunette to a sunkissed balayage, with help from Wellaplex. You can see her amazing transformation below.

WellaPlex - Francesco Group

Wellaplex consists of 3 products; Wellaplex No1 helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services; Wellplex No2 further strengthens the bonds and strengthens the hair structure after a chemical treatment. Finally, Wellaplex No3 Hair Stabiliser is for use at home.

Since her introduction to Wellaplex, Emmas Rectangle has kept it as a constant home-care product; using Wellaplex No3 to help keep hair strong, smooth and soft in-between salon appointments.

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Rose Quartz - The Trend of Summer

  Wellaplex has become such an important part of my hair routine since I started to lighten my hair. It helps to keep my hair feeling strong and healthy, I just love it!  

Emmas Rectangle

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If you are planning on going lighter for summer, WellaPlex is a must! Whether you want to go platinum blonde or a subtle sun-kissed look, the Wellaplex treatment will provide you with your ideal colour without compromising your hair’s condition.

Speak to your Francesco Group Stylist if you would like to find out more about this amazing treatment. A Wellaplex treatment can be added to any hair service from just £20.

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