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50 Years of Francesco Group Hairdressing Salons


The Women of Francesco Group

women of francesco group

07 March, 2018

The Women of Francesco Group

The Women of Francesco Group


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted you to get to know some of the fabulous female Salon Directors who work for Francesco Group, these ladies are just a few of the women who run over half of our salons.


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Women of Francesco Group

Natalie Edwards


Natalie Edwards became a Salon Director of FG Newcastle-Under-Lyme in August 2015.

  I decided to become a Salon Director as I felt it would challenge me in developing myself both personally and professionally. It was a perfect opportunity to progress as I had recently moved branches and the previous franchisee had decided to sell. I felt like it was meant to be! The best part of running my own business is knowing that I am doing all of this for myself and having the satisfaction of seeing clients go out happy with their hair and their experience. I also love seeing apprentices progressing through their training and seeing them grow. I think women have always gravitated towards hairdressing as it is seen as a fashion led profession. I think a lot of men are led by fashion now and are not as afraid to show their passion for it, but I think it will always be a predominately female profession.

For someone thinking about starting their own business, I would say do it; work smart, work hard and think of your goals, have something to work towards and never stop learning. It is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you will ever do.  

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Women of Francesco Group

Paula Jones


Paula Jones became a Salon Director of FG Leek in 2002.

  Becoming a salon director was not something I initially thought about. I became salon manager at FG Leek overnight and progressed to salon director when Frank and Pete (Dellicompagni), spotted potential within me. The next step in progression was to franchise and it was the perfect time to prove myself as a business woman. It has now been almost sixteen years, so I must have made the right decision! I have never stopped learning since being in business, I have the commitment to push myself to achieve quality that customers desire. I love being part of a special team that share my beliefs. I also enjoy striving for our annual FG Business Awards and being rewarded for my hard work. I would say looking back that my proudest moment has to be making the decision to relocate my salon. The salon is beautiful and is now in a prime location in the centre of Leek, it is the best business decision I have ever made. I think women gravitate towards the hair industry because they are naturally creative, good talkers and women are becoming more assertive and determined to achieve top jobs and succeed.

If you are thinking of starting your own business I would advise that you go into an industry that you are passionate about and DO IT!  

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Women of Francesco Group

Paula Main


Paula Main started her Francesco Group career in 2002 as a Salon Manager at Francesco Group Newport, where her husband Jon is the Salon Director. The following year in 2003, Paula was made Salon Director alongside him.

  I love running a business in partnership with Jon and we compliment the business in different ways, depending on our strengths. Jon is the hairdressing & financial side and I’m the Front of House & Management, alongside Jill our Salon Manager & Trainer. It is great being a woman that is independent & powerful in this industry. It is definitely more of a female dominated environment, especially in our Salon as Jon is the only male now! I have loved that I have been able to achieve a great work/life balance, allowing me to be there for my son but also an independent business woman!

I say to any woman wanting to run her own business; be independent, own it and work damn hard to achieve your goals! I have a motto with my son ‘We can do this!’ and you can too!  

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Women of Francesco Group

Jacky Crosby


Jacky Crosby has been a Salon Director of Francesco Group Hanley for 30 years.

  I was a young enthusiastic hairdresser 30 years ago, I knew I wanted my own salon and knew where I wanted it, so I decided to go for it! I love having the freedom to express myself through a salon and a team of creative individuals. I think so many women work in the hair industry because they like the glamour. Hairdressing allows the freedom of expression, quite a lot of hairdressers are quite eccentric in their own way. Hairdressing gives us the perfect outlet for that eccentricity! Hairdressing also has a massive feel good factor.

To anyone wanting to start their own business, I’d say go for it! Get a great team alongside you and watch your business go from strength to strength.  

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