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On Trend, Always!

  • 2019 has been the year of the hair accessory; headbands have made a comeback along with statement hair slides and headscarves. So, we thought we would inspire you to deck your hair with bands and hair clips (fa lala la la lala lala) this festive season! .

    Francesco Group
  • In Greek Mythology, red-heads are believed to have descended from Prometheus himself, bringer of fire! Could this be the reason why red-heads are known for the fiery temperament that accompanies their flaming locks?.

    Francesco Group
  • Only a small percentage of men venture into the world of hair colour, but there are numerous, subtle ways colour can be used to add definition, blend away grey hairs or even add texture and depth. Colour for men has come a long way since the David Beckham highlights and frosted tips of the 1990s!.

    Francesco Group

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