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Barbering Apprenticeship

FG MAN Francesco Group Barbering Apprenticeship


Barbering Apprenticeship

Course Duration

12 – 18 months

Course Outline

On completion of this qualification you will be able to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using barbering techniques, style and finish hair, cut facial hair into shape and provide shaving services for men. You will be able to work with all hair types ranging from straight hair to very curly, wiry hair. You will also be able to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate the professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills and safe working practices associated with your role and be able to work without supervision to a high level or precision, with exceptional client care skills.

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Course Contents

This course is designed to meet the needs of barbers wishing to develop and learn new skills with Modules including:

• Cut hair using barbering techniques for a variety of looks
• Consultation
• Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp
• Style and finish hair
• Cut facial hair
• Shaving services

Additional Employability Skills

• Knowledge of working with all hair types
• Product knowledge
• Customer service skills
• Develop Maths and English skills


During the course Barbering Apprenticeship students will be assessed in a variety of different ways. This will consist or written, oral and observed practical evidence. Students will complete a final end test to ensure all knowledge meets the required standard.


• Specialist techniques in barbering
• Fully employed barber
• Barbershop owner
• Educator
• Stage work


A full barbering kit will need to be purchased prior to starting the course. Full guidance will be given at interview.

Barbering Apprenticeships FG MAN Francesco Group
Barbering Apprenticeships FG MAN Francesco Group
Barbering Apprenticeships FG MAN Francesco Group

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