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Compliments, Comments & Complaints Procedure


A compliment is when a customer or learner gives feedback about how we have delivered positive service and/or training.

What is a COMMENT?

When a client or learner provides a suggestion, or offers an idea on how we can improve our service and/or training.

What is a COMPLAINT?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service and/or training provided made in writing that requires further investigation.

Compliments & Comments

We want to continually improve the service/training we provide and are committed to giving clients/learners the opportunity to express satisfaction with our services. Equally, we need to know when we do things well so that we can disseminate best practice across the group. You can make a compliment, and or comment either by letter, email or by completing the form on the right.


If you have a complaint about a service/training we have provided within a Francesco Group Salon, or Academy please adhere to the following procedure:

As all Francesco Group Salons are Franchised we request that in the first instance, you make your complaint directly to the relevant salon speaking directly with the Franchisee or Manager of the Salon regarding your issues. Your complaint should be made within 7 days of your appointment.

•  All Academies are managed and you should make your complaint directly to the Academy Manager regarding your issues within 7 days of your appointment.

•  If you’re unable to resolve the complaint satisfactorily with the salon/academy, you can contact Head Office in writing either by completing the form below, emailing customerservice@francescogroup.co.uk or by post to the following address:

Customer Service Department
Francesco Group (Holdings) Ltd, Francesco Group House, 1 The Green, Stafford, ST17 4BH

•  If your complaint is received by Head Office your complaint will be investigated with the salon/academy concerned and we will report back to you within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint. If it is not possible to investigate your complaint within this timeframe, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and you will be informed of when to expect a further response.

•  Please be aware that intimidating or rude behaviour will not be tolerated within the Salon or during any communication with us regarding your complaint. If you are found to be acting in this manner at any point during the complaints procedure we reserve the right to cancel all future appointments and request that you do not return to the salon.

Excellent customer service is of the utmost importance to Francesco Group and we aim to ensure that all complaints are dealt with in an amicable and professional manner.

Improving our Service to You

We will record all compliments, comments and complaints received and use them to ensure we are continually improving our level of service to clients and learners.

Feedback Form

To send us your feedback, complete the form below and hit SEND FEEDBACK at the bottom.

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