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Avlon KeraCare Conditioning Creme Hairdress - 4oz

Avlon KeraCare Conditioning Creme Hairdress – 4oz

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The ultra light formula conditions hair, using a compound of high quality natural oils. This product is perfect for relaxed and pressed hair, the fast penetrating, light, non greasy nature of the conditioning cream allows hair to be revitalised from inside the hair structure, eliminating dull, dry hair and adding intense shine.

This product can be used daily to provide additional shine when styling, to add moisture to a dry and flaky scalp and to aid styling manageability.

Directions for use: Emulsify a small amount in your palms, until the product is in its liquid form, distribute evenly and thoroughly through hair, massage into scalp, comb through an style as normal.

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Avlon KeraCare



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Afro & Curly

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