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Avlon KeraCare High Sheen Glossifier - 4oz

Avlon KeraCare High Sheen Glossifier – 4oz

£4.85 £4.50

Keracare High Sheen Glossifier is a light oil that moisturizes, conditions and softens the hair. High Sheen Glossifier maximizes sheen and minimizes moisture loss in the hair and scalp and also minimizes breakage of the hair. It contains natural lipophilic emollients to seal cuticle surfaces.

Benefits of High Sheen Glossifier:

• Revitilizes dull, dry hair
• Hair remails full bodied and not weighed down
• Light conditioning formula
• Seals cuticles to reduce breakage

Directions for use: Rub a small amount between palms and distribute through hair. Massage into scalp if dry. Comb through and style. Use for style manageability and hair glossing, for when hair looks lifeless.

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Additional Information

Avlon KeraCare


Conditioner, Styling

Hair Type

Afro & Curly, Dry

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